Hip’Safe : Complete Belt


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  • General 

Hip’Safe is the first wearable airbag that protects seniors from hip fractures in case of fall down.

When a fall is detected, both airbags deploy above the hips before the impact with the ground. 

The device is 100% automatic. 

Comfortable, innovative, protective, easy to use and reusable, Hip’Safe is a real innovation for senior in loss of autonomy.

  • Complete belt : 

Hip’Safe includes : a belt ( with the electronic system and the airbag) + 2 covers + 1 gaz generator (already installed) + 1 battery charger 

Hip’Safe covers included are black, you will be able to buy extra covers with other colors soon.

  • Comfort & Size : 

Hip’Safe is light and ergonomic : it fits perfectly above the hips. In less than 5 minutes, people forget that they are wearing it.

For more comfort, the belt is adjustable and exist in 5 different sizes.

To find the good size, you need to measure your waist size (with clothe on) at the navel and follow the table below : 

IMPORTANT : To validate the product size, please provide us the weight, height and waist size of the final user when you validate your order.

  • Technical features

Battery autonomy : 1 week
Airbag capacity : 2 x 8L

Inflation time : 0,08 sec 

  • Fabrics

3D mesh for comfort and breathability
Airbag in ultra strong nylon. 
Anti-sweating and light clothing

  • Care instruction

Never keep the belt fasten when not wearing it. 

Only the cover is washable. 

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