TEST : Is Hip’Safe made for me?

Hip’Safe is a new way to protect seniors from hip fractures in their daily life. We did our best to create the perfect device that suits most of seniors. Unfortunately we can’t find a solution adapted for everyone (at least not this version).

To see if the device is adapted for you or not, please have a look to these questions.

If you have any doubts, more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I use Hip’Safe for doing sport ?

No, the device is not adapted for practicing any sports. Hip’Safe was developed to protect the elderly on their daily activities at home ( in the living room, in the kitchen …)  or outside (going for a walk, going to the supermarket, gardening …)

Can I use Hip’Safe if I have degeneratives diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson ?

Yes but be careful, the functions of the belt should be understood by the user. If the belt is not used properly, there are risks of unexpected inflation. If you have one of these diseases, we strongly recommend to be always with a carer when you wear the belt.

Can I use Hip’Safe if I am less than 60 years old ?

There is no limit age to use Hip’Safe, it will depend on your level of mobility. However, it is important to keep in mind that the device ‘s algorithm has been developed according to the motion of people aged above 60 years old with balance and mobility troubles.

Can I use Hip’Safe in addition to my can or walker ?

Of course ! Hip’Safe can be worn alone but also in addition to other mobility aids. The objective is to protect the elderly in case of fall but also to give more confidence and safety to the elderly when they move.

Can I use Hip’Safe in a wheel chair ?

Hip’Safe is not adapted for wheel chair uses because it won’t inflate well when the person is seated.

Can I use Hip’Safe in a nursing home ?

Yes of course ! With the help and the approval of the care takers. They can contact us if they need some advice to use the device properly.

Can I use Hip’Safe at home ?

Yes of course !  However the help of a carer (a relative or a care taker) could be necessary for the first use and to reuse the belt after a fall.