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How it works


The concept

  • For 10 years, our engineers have been working on developing Hip’Safe for finally making the best solution for older adults and reduce considerably the number of hip fractures in case of fall.
  • A complex electronic system analyzes people motion in context. 
  • When a fall is detected, both airbags deploy automatically over the hip and ensure an OPTIMAL PROTECTION before ground impact.

Airbag Protection

optimal airbag protection
    • Both airbags are designed like a drop to ensure a perfect protection against hip fractures. They are made of resistant nylon and will not rip at ground impact.
    • Our airbags are highly reliable and 100% made in France in our workshop in Dijon.
    • When the airbag is inflated, it covers a larger area than a traditional hip protector. It protects all the hip area from the top of your hips to the middle of your thighs.
    • When a fall is detected, both airbags inflate simultaneously in a fraction of seconds over your hips. The protection allows a better shock absorption and avoids hip fracture.
    • After the impact, the airbags remain strong during some seconds and then automatically deflate slowly.

Watch the slow motion




The reserachers started from two statements:

  • Hip fractures are one of the major injury in the world and none of the existing protections are really effective.
  • The use of absorbing materials can divert the impact forces away from the bone and prevent hip fractures.

Researchers developed two inflatable hip protection systems using airbag technology and energy shunting method. Then, they organized crash tests with the new prototype and compared the results with the standard padded hip protectors.

The results were impressive : The two hip airbags reduce the impact forces by 85% and have the potential to significantly reduce the number of hip fractures.



  • Our engineering team has elaborated a complex algorithm able to measure and analyze more than 1000 times per second the motion and fall in progress.
  • The system uses different types of sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers to calculate motion in context and determine if the person is walking normally or falling.
  • Hip’Safe ensures a perfect protection before ground impact : the fall is detected in 200 ms (0,2 seconds) and the airbags inflate in 80ms (0,08 seconds).


  • Our designers have created an ergonomic and comfortable belt which ensures freedom of movement and fits perfectly over the hip.
  • Hip’Safe should be worn as a bum bag (gaz inflator on the front and buckle on your back) .
  • To guarantee an optimal comfort, the belt is light, soft and adjustable (exists in 5 sizes : T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 according to waist size)


Batterie de la ceinture
    • Hip’Safe has a long autonomy : the battery life is up to 7 days. A red LED and a sound indicate that the battery is low. The system switches automatically to sleep mode when the belt is removed and when no move is detected.
    • A charger is included with the belt to recharge it.

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Simple on/ off système

Hip’Safe is very easy to use, the system is 100% automatic.

To turn ON the system : 

  1. Put the belt over your hips,
  2. Close the belt.

A green LED indicates that the system is ON.
Please note that if you put the belt upside down, a “beep” will advise you.

To turn OFF the system  : take off the belt.

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Gaz inflator

You can reuse your Hip’Safe after a fall down and even if the airbags have been triggered.

You have to :

  • Replace both airbags inside their pockets (read the user manual)
  • Change the gas cartridge.


Read the FAQ



Hip’Safe is CE certified as a Personal Protective Equipment Level 2

Read CRITT SL test report



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