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1 - Purshase Hip’Safe

What is included in the package “Hip’Safe Complete Belt” ?

The “Complete Belt” package includes: 1 belt + 2 protection covers + 1 CO2 cartridge + 1 charger . The complete package costs  649€. 
Please note that if you need an extra CO2 cartridge, you can order it online for 50€.

What is the delivery time ?

The shipping is very quick and safe. We are working with DHL.
Delivery is within 5 days after your order.

Where can I purshase Hip’Safe ?

Europe :
You can order Hip’Safe online in Hip’Safe online shop.
Very soon : Hip’Safez will be available in medical shops and retailers.

World :
Stay tuned ! The device will be available soon (launch planed by the end of 2018). You can suscribe to our newsletter to be updated about future launches. 

Is Hip’Safe really protective?

Today, Hip’safe is the best solution on the market to prevent hip fractures. The airbag absorbes the impact shock by 90% which is more efficient than any traditional hip protector. 

Is it true that people break their hips first and then fall ?

This can happen but it is very rare. According to orthopeadic surgeons hip fractures occur in 90% of cases after a fall and not the contrary.

Is there any risk of rebound after a fall ?

No, the airbag pressure is calculated to absorb the shock and avoid any risks of bouncing and overbalancing.
Tests ran by our engineers show that Hip’Safe  provides the best protection and shock absorption no matter the type of fall or person. 

How to choose the good size ?

Hip’Safe exists in 5 different sizes (T1 -> T5). The good size depends on your body shape. To choose the good size, you need to measure your waist line (with clothe on) at the navel and follow the size chart. If you are not sure you can add your height and weight at the end of the order and we will select the best choice for you. 

Is there any maximum weight for wearing Hip’Safe ?

No. The belt is available in four different sizes ( 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) according to your waist size. However, a strong overweight could reduce the effectiveness of the airbag protection. 

Is there different design available for the cover ?

Available soon => end of the year. Our designer are working on other designs for the cover. We will be able to propose new designs very soon.

How can I purshase Hip’Safe ?

Hip’Safe is only available in our website. You should pay to conclude your order.

You have to option to pay :  by credit card or by PayPal.

2 - Use Hip’Safe

Is Hip’Safe ready to use when I receive it ?

Yes. You can use Hip’Safe immediately. The belt arrive with a CO2 cartridge inside and fully charged.

Can I use Hip’Safe for sport ?

No, the device is not adapted for sports (cycling, skiing ….). The algorithm was made to follow the daily activity of a person above 65 years old and with mobility troubles.

Can I wear Hip’Safe while sleeping?

Yes, you can but it won’t be very comfortable because the buckle on your back may disturb you.  Our advice is to keep the belt close to your bed and wear it when you wake up.

Can I use Hip’Safe in the bathroom ?

We strongly don’t recommand to use the device while taking your bath. The belt contains an electronic system that could be damaged by the water.

Can I wear Hip’Safe under my clothes ?

Yes, but it should have the opening facing down to not disturb the airbag deployment. I can wear Hip’Safe under : Pullover, jacket, coat. I can’t wear Hip’Safe under : Pants, t-shirt, on the skin. 

How to adjust Hip’Safe size ?

For more comfort, the size of the belt is adjustable. 
To adjust the size is really easy ! You just need to remove the cover and place the strap in the good position to increase or reduce the size. 

How to be sure that my Hip’Safe is ON ?

Hip’Safe is very easy to use and  is 100% automatic. You don’t need to do any settings to make it works. TO TURN ON : Hip’Safe turns on automatically when the belt is closed. A green light indicates that Hip’Air is ON. TO TURN OFF : Hip’Safe turns off automatically when you remove the belt. Once the belt is removed, the system will automatically switch to a sleeping mode. The logo «Helite» on the buckle indicate and the symbols “UP” on the cover indicate that Hip’Safe is on the right side.

Can I wash Hip’Safe?

Yes but only the cover. You cannot wash the other part (which contains the electronic system). To remove it, it is very simple, you just need to remove the pression bottom. For more convenience, another cover is included with the belt.

How often do I need to recharge the battery?

Hip’Safe battery an autonomy of 7 days. When the battery is low, a red signal and a little « bip » will advise you. To recharge your Hip’Safe, you just need to plug the belt with the charger included with the belt.

Can I travel with Hip’Safe ?

Yes, you can travel with Hip’Safe.
There is absolutely no problem to travel by bus, car or train with the device.
However, if you need to travel by plane, you may have some difficulties with the safety services regarding the gas cylinder used to inflate your belt.
According the regulation (Iata regulation), you are allowed to fly with 2 gas cartridges (the volume must be less than 200cc), in the cabin or in the bunker.
Even if the regularization allows it, it is possible that the security service or the airline refuse to let you board the aircraft with it.
We strongly recommend to print the “Iata regulation” and to show this document to the security service or the airline during the control if they ask for more explanation.
In any case, it is the airport security service and the airline that will take the final decision to accept your equipment on board or not.

Download Iata Regulation here

3- Reuse Hip’Safe after a fall

How to be sure about the good cartridge size I need?

Simple ! It exists only 2 sizes of cartridge : GG 50 cc : only for T1 and GG 60 cc : For T2,T3,T4 and T5. 

Can I replace the cartridge by myself?

Yes, or with the help of a relative ! We did our best to make the system as simple as possible. Follow and read carefully the Quickstart guide and watch the video tutorial to see each steps in detail.

Can I reuse Hip’Safe after an inflation ?

Yes !

You can reuse your Hip’Safe even if the airbag has been triggered ! You just need to fold on the airbag inside the belt and change the gaz inflator.

4 - After Sales services & Warranty

Is there any warranty for Hip’Safe ?

Yes the device has a 2 years guarantee. If you notice something wrong on the airbag please contact our customer service.

Can I return Hip’Safe if the size is not good ?

If the size is not good, please contact our customer service to get your return voucher. You have 7 days to send us back the device and we will send you the good size without extra cost.

Can I return Hip’Safe if I change my mind ?

If you change your mind and you don’t want to keep Hip’Safe, no problem.  You have 7 days to contact our customer service and return the product in its orginal packaging and with all the elements inside. We will refund you once we received the device but we won’t support the delivery costs.


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