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Hip’Air’s trial in nursing home

Hip’Air’s trial in nursing home

Thu 10 Aug 2017

Our Hip’Air is almost ready 🙂 ! Launch is planned for this fall ! Ones last technical adjustements and we will be ready ! 

In partnership with “La mutualitĂ© française de Bourgogne” ( our partner on this project), our engeneiring team is leading several tests since june, to evaluate Hip’Air efficiency in real condition : in a nursing home in Burgundy. 

Here, some first conslusions of this test.  

Final tests in nursing home

A panel of 50 patients has been selected by doctors and care takers to test the product.

The test consists in 3 differents phases :

After each phase, product’s adjustements will be done according to patients and care takers’ feedback.

The objectives of the tests are to see the real impact of Hip’Air on seniors’ daily life and evaluate if the belt has improved their life, mobility and autonomy.

Phase 1 : Ergonomy validation 

The first part was a success.

Test’s objectives 

  • To validate the ergonomy
  • To validate seniors’ acceptation for wearing the belt. 

Test’s protocol

The nurse in charge of the trial has selected 20 residents who are having mobility issues and high risk of falling down. Each of them wore hip’air for several days from morning to night in their daily occupation. 




“I have totally forgotten that i am wearing it, it doesn’t bother me at all”.  Huguette ( our nice tester )

Test’s conclusion

The first feedbacks from phase 1 were very positive : 

  • The residents accepted to wear the belt everyday.  
  • The belt is easy to adjust and fits perfectly over the hips.
  • The belt is easy to put and remove for nurses.
  • The belt doesn’t disturb the residents in their daily occupation. 


To be continued ..

We will keep you updates for phase 2 and 3 !


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